An encounter with the chopsticks

I have never ever tried eating with a pair of chopsticks, although it has always fascinated me, especially when meddling with rice!! It so happened that the place I went out for lunch, today, with the team was a Chinese restaurant. Seeing everyone in the place, also the Indians, rather “harmlessly” using the chopsticks, and being quite confident that the dish I ordered was not a rice item, I decided to give it a try. Unfortunately for me, the elaborate Chinese name for the dish, which never seemed like rice, turned out to be just … rice! But still I was determined to give it a try. Ten minutes into my duel with the chopsticks, I noticed an unusual silence at my table. Looking up, I realized, that the whole “world” was looking at me, anxiously waiting for me to pick up that first grain of rice, from the bowl. But all the encouraging smiles from people around, made me continue on my efforts, until finally I managed to get one into my mouth, and get a round of applause for the same !!! 😀 Being a working day, I could not spend time on such fancies, and I had to switch to a fork and a spoon. Well, I DID manage to get a pair of chopsticks to take back home, from the waiter, who probably must have felt sad for my efforts, and wanted me to practice at home. *sigh*

Anyways, I bought an Ipod (20Gb)… I had been longing for it ever since I found it in the market. The reason, music plays a “horrbily” great role in my life ! And so, here I am with one for myself ! Messed around with it for quite sometime now. And as glam suggests, I need to get the Bose headphones for it !!! 😉

I got hold of Gilead by Marilynne Robinson, too. First impression …. The print is very large, more like a children’s book :D. And the language looks weird, with the sentences being rather unusually long !! Hoping to finish it by the end of the week.



~ by Niranjan Nandakumar on April 20, 2005.

3 Responses to “An encounter with the chopsticks”

  1. Heard ur knock on my door 🙂 !! How r U?

    I am working in Redwood City for atleast another month. It was just a month’s contarct….has been extended to another month….how r U liking it here?


  2. well!! nice one thr…glad to hear of ur escapades….:)…congrats on ur iPod!! 20gb…… whoa!!!! tht’s half my hard disk!!! lucky you!!

  3. bose speakers added to tht…wow!! tell us hwon u find tht book once u done with it!!!

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