Idle Thought …..

I was watching the movie “Chariots of Fire” and it brought back a lot of memories. Well, it reminded me of the first dumb charades game I played, back in my high school days. In my first round, I had to make my team guess the movie “Chariots of Fire” !!! I failed miserably trying to enact a “chariot” !!! 😀 I sat thinking about my high school life for a really long time,after the movie …. Funny isn’t it, the way such simple things can bring back memories of a whole chunk of happenings from the past !!!!


~ by Niranjan Nandakumar on May 2, 2005.

7 Responses to “Idle Thought …..”

  1. hehe.. dumb charades.. if i started going to back ot them everytime I saw a movie, I would never finish the movie.. bully shoo

  2. :)…..i was asked to enact “problem child”….it took me an eternity to do that….good old days!!!

  3. That is best site i have ever meet. Thank you.

  4. God, why did this game get to be called ‘dumb’charades? Anything dumb about it?

  5. oops 🙂 maybe the way you enact things ! 🙂

  6. Memories – from ‘where’ they come tumbling down, is hard to say, is it not? It could be totally unrelated at times… the origin of nostalgia!

  7. Thats very true … but its nice the way the thought went on … from the movie to the game and then to the days back then !!!

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