Growing old ……

I was talking to my cousin yesterday, who apparently just got out of school and joined one of the colleges here, and suddenly I hear something totally unheard of .. “oh, thats so sufi ” !!! That gave me a shock, since I never remember mentioning anything about “Sufi” philosophy to her for , I knew nothing about it. Later she explained to me that “sufi” in fact meant “cool” and it was the most recent additions to the “college slangs”. “You people won’t understand all those”, she said !!! oh my GOD ….


~ by Niranjan Nandakumar on July 11, 2005.

11 Responses to “Growing old ……”

  1. Waaah.. :((

    Happy birthday, btw (am I late or early?)

  2. 😦 ….

    btw ure early … 😉 .. thanks anyways !

  3. Hey,

    Howz everything in India? When did U return back? I moved out of Bay area as I got a job in San Diego….planning to come to India in Dec/Jan 🙂 !

  4. happy birthday dude… one more year away from being “sufi”… *sigh*

  5. birthday?? oh!
    happy birthday dude!! 🙂 have a blast!

  6. @Meera … hey great to see you again ! where in India would you be coming down to ?

    @neuro … thanks !! and *sigh* … one more year …. 😦

    @infinite … thanks …

  7. I’ll be coming to Bangalore 🙂 !

  8. belated happy bday dude!! didnt know tht!!

  9. you are so fuckin old my friend … turning 27 doesnt always feel good , does it?

  10. to join the gang here again i wish u Happy B’day and ADIPOLI for cribbing abt being old. now what’s wrong with these kids? why “sufi” of all the words? my brain turns upside down.

  11. @aparna .. thanks !

    @glam .. yeah right .. at least thats better off than 36 that you just turned to a few days back 😉

    @daku .. 🙂

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