In search of a dose of caffeine

At times, man gets this “extraordinary” idea of doing things in the most complicated way possible. One such thought came banging on, a few days back, when we decided we needed a cup of coffee! Well a coffee could have been from anywhere – a barista nearby, a tea shop round the corner, or at the office itself! But instead we chose Koshy’s, a place at the busiest part of the city, with the intent of having a conversation over coffee! “Better” still, we decided to go there by auto, since a car would take us ages to get there! The moment we stepped out of the office, rain came lashing down at us and we had no other option but to rush into the nearest auto in sight! “Fortunately” it did not have a shutter on and we were completely drenched from head to toe, even with a cover on top of us! But little did we realize that this was just the beginning of a series of adventures to come!!

Midway through the trip, with the rain pelting down like never before and the roads literally transforming into rivers, the vehicle on which we were, ran out of gas!! We had to wait in the auto till the rain dropped down a bit on its fury, and set off to walk the remaining distance. Well, that didn’t work fine too, since the downpour came back with a vengeance. With just a roof as our aid, we stood there hoping that it would go down or we get an auto for the remaining part of the “journey”. An hour must have gone by, before we could finally catch hold of an auto. But things just refused go smoothly that day. It seemed as though nature never wanted us to go have a cup of coffee!!!

The vehicle on which we were traveling broke down in between, due to excess “intake” of rain water. And the result – we had to push it for quite a long distance before it could get started again, wading through “rivers” that found their new routes through the roads of Bangalore. In spite of all the adventures on the way, we DID manage to reach our spot, after almost 2 hours from the time we started. Completely dowsed, we seemed to attract a lot of attention, especially from our waiter, who happened to smile a little longer than he usually would have. We decided to remain at the place till we got dried, which gave us more time to talk. In the pretext of a possible damage that could happen to the mobile phones on getting wet, we decided to switch them off, thereby being cut off from the “rest of the world” too. We talked about a lot of subjects, varying from photography to books to paintings to people around to destiny. We even had a chance to eavesdrop on the people talking at the tables around us!! After almost 2 hours over 2 cups of coffee, we decided its time to leave. Back home, I expected to drop off directly to my bed. Instead I found myself thinking about all that we talked and wondering how much more refreshing can a talk over a coffee be…..


~ by Niranjan Nandakumar on August 22, 2005.

2 Responses to “In search of a dose of caffeine”

  1. rofl!!! gr8 man! gr8 !! reminds me of suraj/sachin’s trip to vayanad for “chilled” beer !!

  2. Trust me buddy, theres nothing as heavenly as a “Chat-at-a-coffee-shop”…(Thats what I call it 😉 ). I have had some of my greatest conversations & made life changing decisions at apna very own “Barrista at Leela” 🙂

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