Another day without the watch …

Found out once again, how important a wrist watch is to me, when i left it at home, today. Somebody wisely joked about it saying, I wore my watch so much that my skin might start growing over it … he he. Never thought about it seriously, but today, I miss it !!! I seem to have no control over Time. Well, not that I had a control in the past, but its just that the feeling started to creep in only now. :-).

Long time since I wrote anything here. And there are a whole lot of reasons behind it. A lot of backlogs on my books too, since I have a habit of “killing” Time in a bookstore, and when I do that, I end up buying one too. But 44 Scotland street , looks interesting, although Im just about 15 pages into it.


~ by Niranjan Nandakumar on November 3, 2005.

3 Responses to “Another day without the watch …”

  1. Ever since the strap of my watch disintegrated due to my ever sweating arms, I completely rely on the mobile phone… 🙂

    And one more thing, since they have blocked at office for being personal sites, I cannot come here often for commenting.. But I can read you through bloglines… 🙂
    So my comments are going to be rare here.. 😀

  2. “And there are a whole lot of reasons behind it.” .. i wonder what they are .. 😀

  3. @vanchi … SEE !!!! thats the whole problem … mobile phone has ruined everything else that was there !!!!

    @abdul … “reasons” .. hmmm nice word … was it there in the english dictionary before ? 😉

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