New Year Resolutions

As usual, this year too, I refrained from making a new year resolution, or at least I decided to delay it till a week passed by, because a resolution on the New year’s eve, has never lasted beyond a week for me !! Another three more days and Im sure to come up with my resolution !!

And Happy New Year, however “belated” this wish has been……


~ by Niranjan Nandakumar on January 5, 2006.

18 Responses to “New Year Resolutions”

  1. Hehe… I know one resolution people will have no trouble keeping..

    “I swear that I’ll spend more money on myself and my needs”…

    and Great way to gift urselves on x’mas morning 🙂

  2. lets make a commitment here! that we will not lie ! simply by making this commitment/resolution one can bring in a huge change in this world!

    Sindie Adams
    Perth, Australia

  3. happy new year. take a resolution to eat more!

  4. new year resolution : 1600 X 1400

  5. @sindie … WOAH!!! THIRU MARRY THIS GIRL!!!!

  6. @sanjiv … he he yeah … so made my new year resolution not to throw the phone here and there … and I already broke it ! 😀

    @sindie … commitment ? ! ! oh .. my … GOD .. what was that !!!

    @rince … he he … Im eating more than usual now !!!

    @glam…. resolution … good one .. but I want a better resolution ! and who is this ?

  7. not someone i know !! me kinda not that commited 😉

  8. lol …. I hate committed ppl ! rather dislike … ‘coz wise men from the mountains say “hate” is a strong word !!!

  9. u hate committed people !! yeah right!!!

  10. hey … what does that mean now !

  11. It’s been a week since NY… any resolutions yet?

  12. i knew u long ago. when u first started blogging. bumped into ur new blog again 😀 let’s see if u can guess who i may be 🙂

  13. @sanjiv … he he … another week just swished past too .. but not yet ….. i guess they come “on the fly”

    @lady … megha ? … commented on your blog !

  14. bingo!!!! 😀 thanks for dropping by on my blog.

  15. i’m adding urs to my links without ur permission. i hope u will not mind. if you do let me know 🙂

  16. 🙂 hey thanks for adding me … linked you too … long time huh ?

  17. yes…long time 🙂 and thanks for linking me too.

  18. No new posts???

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