An unpaid vacation ….

2 months !! Now is that the longest I have been away from my blog. I guess I have had occasional breaks, which were intentional. But this one was a bit too long, and very unintentional too. Somehow, got reminded of the blog a little while ago, when a friend of mine, pointed out that such a thing existed 🙂

Two weeks without a job and with nothing to do, I realised it was not easy. In the few weeks of “vacation” that I had, my idea was to sit at home, and spend time doing nothing, but read, sleep and occasionally run around with people at home, to relatives and friends.:-) Well, the only result… I have added a few pounds to myself.

Just a thought that went through my mind today evening as I sat reading Countdown by Amitav Ghosh (The name of the book was purely coincidental !! ), was this …

1999 – I moved to a place 198 kms away from home.
2003 – I moved to a place 600 kms away from home.
2006 – Im moving to a place 1000s of miles away from home.

I knew not how much further things would take me, but, most certainly, my “home” is still right here !!


~ by Niranjan Nandakumar on August 3, 2006.

3 Responses to “An unpaid vacation ….”

  1. The antic’s of ur entire batch is making me sit up ‘n think about my life! :mrgeen:

    So enjoying the kerala weather b4 pushing off ?

  2. :mrgreen:

  3. Even when you are 1000s of miles away from home, do keep blogging…

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