2007 …

Another new year eve passes by and I realised that its been three years since I started blogging !! And it has also been a long time since I updated this space. Well, no excuses this time since I had been at the heights of joblessness over the past one month, so much that Im actually waiting for my classes to start again. A month long vacation is too long for comfort at times 🙂 Quite surprisingly, I never thought I would say that !!

In fact I did have a wonderful end to 2006, with the last 10 days literally roaming around New York and Philadelphia, and finally waving good bye to one of the most event-filled years over a flute of champagne. But ever since the dawn of 2007, all that I have been doing is reading (which for that matter has just been confined to one book – Signal and Noise ), and trying my hands on the new guitar that I now posses, with occasional “overdoses” of Table Tennis (or Ping-Pong as they call it here !!).

So as the new semester starts on Tuesday evening, here I am finally giving my blog a slight push. I hope I can be more regular soon !! Here’s wishing a wonderful and prosperous new year to all of you !!


~ by Niranjan Nandakumar on January 13, 2007.

2 Responses to “2007 …”

  1. Happy new year da. 🙂 And good luck for the next sem!

  2. eh happy new yr to u too!! 🙂

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