Awakening !!

For long I had been trying to find a sp*m blocker for my blog, which had, by now, transformed itself into a sp*mmers paradise !! The math “puzzle” that I had installed earlier, turned out to be “not so” successful. Apparently every sp*mmer knew what 2+3 would equal to 😀 !! Anyway, the “long” search for a sp*m blocker finally ended today when I installed the Sp*m Karma , which “ate” up the sp*ms. (I always knew I needed a monster to help me with my job ;-).

I was also searching for a good theme as a replacement for the “aging” classic theme that I had on my page. Several of them came and went but none seemed to suit my taste. And then it happened today. Along came the nebula !! :-). Although “she” does not quite like the way I put photographs on the page, my inherent weakness towards planetary bodies didn’t let me take this off. 😀


The irony of a snow-filled spring break finally seems to be going away – the snow is melting and the temperature rising. In fact I had a very relaxed week too, spending most of the time walking up and down the streets of Manhattan and occasionally going up into the clouds too (on an elevator of course ;-)).

With St Patrick’s Day fast approaching, I decided to pick up an Irish book to mark this day !! And the book I chose – Angela’s Ashes by Frank Mc Court . At the onset, it is a very well written memoir, talking about the great depression in America and the poverty in Ireland at that time. It just kept me engrossed all throughout the 5 hour journey back to Syracuse. I plan to finish it before the Irish day – March 17th !! :-). And it looks like my “addiction” to buying books just would not let go off me. I already have a long backlog of books lying around me waiting to be read 🙂 hehe.

So here’s to the St. Patricks Day –

Atlas@Patrick's Church

Atlas@St.Patrick’s Church – 5th Ave, 50th St. , Manhattan.


~ by Niranjan Nandakumar on March 15, 2007.

8 Responses to “Awakening !!”

  1. glad to see this site back up again 🙂 .. snow filled spring break :))) … lol

  2. amazing !! 🙂

  3. Very interesting theme :).

  4. Eda, Let me tell you, your recent flickr photos are _very_ good. (Now, don’t let that go to your head. 🙂 )

  5. @Glam … 🙂 he he. But its better now, although the leaves are yet to come !!

    @xeres @karram .. Thanks 🙂

    @vanchi .. thanks !! 🙂 Just learning !! Still trying out a lot of things 🙂

  6. damn nice template.. the background is awesome!! 🙂 colors r good too.. shades of purple… niiice 🙂

  7. Hey dude,

    I was expecting to see some snaps of the St.Patrick’s Day Celebration. Attended any irish parties? Those places ought to have been overflowing with beer.. 🙂

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    I couldn’t understand some parts of this article, but it sounds interesting

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