Spiderman 3 / Kal Ho Naa Ho

It was not exactly my idea of celebrating the end of semester. But as it turned out, Spiderman 3 was deemed to hit the theaters this week and all my roommates wanted to watch it in theater, taking a break from how it has been over the past one year. In fact we even thought of booking the tickets online, for the fear of it being sold out. For this reason, we decided to go early to the mall and get ourselves the tickets. I was a little surprised to see that tickets were available even an hour before the show (the time when we reached there). But little did I know of the impending disaster. 🙂

3 hours later, I was speechless!! Even Karan Johar would have done a better job of it. He would have loved to do a “spidey” act over the Brooklyn Bridge instead of Shah Rukh Khan (SRK) running across it. It had everything in it, that a Hindi movie would have had – triangle love, anti-hero, vengeance (over what happened 3 movies ago !!), and even “sacrifice” !! I even took a break while the movie was on, to get a grasp of the what was happening and to make sure I was actually watching the “right” movie !! Well, all said, it would have been perfect with a couple of songs injected into it like – Maahe Ve, when Mr Spidey proposes to MJ, Mary Jane (I stand clarified) and Kal Ho Naa Ho, when the “sacrifice” was being made !!

What a start to a wonderful vacation !! 🙂 Well, for the rest of the vacation – I have three books waiting to be read – Beyond Black by Hilary Mantel, Miracle at Kitty Hawk by Fred C. Kelly and Caught in the Current by Jay Bookman and some more on my next visit to a bookstore.


~ by Niranjan Nandakumar on May 6, 2007.

6 Responses to “Spiderman 3 / Kal Ho Naa Ho”

  1. I will watch the movie sometime this week. Wish me luck :D.

  2. Oh Gosh! It sucked, eh? There was so much ground the director could have covered by exploring the “inner conflicts” and “struggles” of Spiderman. What with all the alien symbiotic gooey black stuff and all which alters his personality. But no, the director resorts to tight cotton candy pink pant stuff! Hmphf! I’m yet to watch the movie myself. Will be prepared for the disappointment 😐

    PS: IMHO, the black spidey suit is kinda cool 😀

  3. I don’t watch Hindi movies, last one I saw I think was Sarkar… but to tell the truth -> I liked Spiderman 3, had the best action amonst all the parts, acting was way superior, even Kirsten and of course no question about the effects. We got to see both Venom and Sandman which i personally thought was a brilliant move by the makers. And man, no one expected the black suit – super cool.

  4. eda even though theme rocks, its difficult to read.. 😦 .. eyes hurt

    spiderman 2 was such an attrocious melodramatic bollywood family drama, that i decided to give part three a skip.

    waiting for the pirates of the caribbean ‘at the worlds end’ .. man! cant wait for johnny depp and geoffrey rush to unite again!! :))

  5. @Karran … I guess the luck is of no use now. How did you like it ?

    @Prasil … in fact I liked the black spidey suit more than the “legacy” one !! YOu are right there was so much they could have added, but personally I feel “the third” was just a little too much !!

    @Abhijeth … I just meant they were repetitive. 🙂 There are so many other movies with the sands and the mans 😀

    @Glam … I know.. But then its “celestial” 😀 .. And good decision on skipping the part 3 !! Very wise indeed!! Me too waiting for Captain jack Sparrow !!

  6. I still went ahead and saw it… I still cant get over the way Spiderman weaves and swings amidst the gigantic structures, tall and broad alike…

    Everything else you said – I concur with.

    A background song from Kishoreda to emote Spiderman’s crying act would have accentuated the whole scene even better.

    All said, I still did not as ‘shattered’ as you, since I went in with shattered hopes already 🙂

    So long,

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