Sequels and Shrek – the third !!

I have always maintained that sequels lose their charm esp. after the second movie unless there was a strong backing from a book or a true life incident. This was rather obvious from the movies such as Final Destination, Spiderman and Scream, unlike movies such as Harry Potter and Lord of the rings. Perhaps this preset initial condition was what set my expectations low, when I watched Shrek the third, last weekend. I was a little surprised that tickets were still available at 9:45 for a 10:00 show on a Saturday night, although that had to be expected in a “small town” such as Syracuse where the population is mostly “emigrants” from the “rest of the world” – that too during a summer vacation.

As it turned out, the movie was not as bad as the “Sequel theory” would have predicted it to be. The new additions “in accordance” to the fairy tales, especially on the villains and the Cindrellas and Rapunzels (the “real” villain in this movie) and the sleeping beauties were innovative!! So were the funeral song, sung by the “band of frogs” and the donkey – puss (in the boots) “partnership”. Shrek and Fiona were their usual loving self, with a bunch of ogres joining them in the end. One of the disappointments was the absence of a song in the end like the Ricky Martin one in Shrek 2 (I had started developing a liking towards that song ever since I watched Shrek 2 :D). Having said all those, I still maintain that Shrek 2 was a much better movie than its version three. And Shrek 4 would certainly be a disaster going by the intermittent signs in “the third” !! But for now, this sure is worth a watch.

Ironically, life has become a routine after the summer break set in. The past two weeks have just been about the work that I do on campus and the three hours of tennis (a new obsession of mine) everyday. In fact the long list of books I posted earlier, are still lying on my rack, waiting to be read. I need to add more activities into this routine, so that it does not turn into a monotony.

As for starters, it is the soccer match tomorrow. Champions league it is – a repeat of the 2005 finals – one of those days I would never forget !! Hope THIS happens again !! 😀 But just a small regret, this time, that I would not be able to post a similar picture, since soccer is not something people in US are mad about and SopCast is yet to realise that an OS known as Mac exists 😉 Nevertheless I shall try !!


~ by Niranjan Nandakumar on May 23, 2007.

4 Responses to “Sequels and Shrek – the third !!”

  1. Aha! Shrek-3 yet to hit the screens in India. Will surely check it out. I enjoyed every bit of 1 and 2 – especially “Are we there yet? Are we there yet?”, and the Muffin man 😀

    By the way, I didn’t watch Spidey 3. Just steered away from it! The reviews were hopeless 😦

  2. Hey dude!!!

    I see you are out to make your presence on the map bigger than the syracuse.

    Saw the match. A good match of football. Kuyt did raise hopes, however we came out second best!

  3. well no comments bout the match.. 😦

    but hey i wanna watch Shrek 3 🙂

  4. @Prasil…. Way to go !! It sure was a bad movie !!

    @Sanjiv… huh ? What when where ? I still have to figure out where Syracuse is in the map – that small a town it is 😉 Just kidding. Well, we seemed the best but came out the second best 🙂 Bad luck !! 😦

    @Farhana … Shrek 3 is watchable 🙂 But dont knwo if you would like it – without the “Johny Depp” factor 😉

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