PC Guy

Couldnt help but post this. Its rather old, but relevant esp. when there was a reference to it at the D5 conference which saw the “historic” reunion between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. Here is the transcript of what happened after that 🙂 – Subtle slanders but overall, a very nice talk.

Also, things to look out for – Microsoft Surface , a highly exaggerated *concept* !!

And of course, an article on Apple’s answer to it esp. for its last paragraph – “Our bet is that Steve Jobs won’t spill the beans on Apple’s multi-touch efforts at the D Conference today — he’ll just show off the iPhone and leave it at that. But make no mistake: Apple has similar technology in its development queue. But in Apple’s case, we won’t see it as a demo. It will come in actual products you can buy.” 🙂

And oh, by the way, it rained two days after I wished it did !! Its all cats and dogs now. 😀


~ by Niranjan Nandakumar on June 4, 2007.

4 Responses to “PC Guy”

  1. Mazhayum peythu..maddhalavum kotti 😀

  2. Exaggerated concept!! dunno abt that…

  3. @Xeres .. it did !! 🙂 And it still is !!

    @Axe … well lets wait and see. Not sure about iphone too until it comes out and we here reviews from a neutral person 🙂

  4. and it looks like you have a lot of time on hand :)? Nice entry. I read about Surface too. I like it. I like what Jobs is coming out with too.

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