Sometimes monotony can be interesting too….

The past one month has been just the same everyday – daytimes in the lab, evenings on the tennis courts, and then sleeping off reading a book or watching a movie. On the weekends it has all been about waking up late into the afternoon, sitting up with a book or a movie till its evening and then back to playing… The routine continued. And perhaps, this would be my routine till the classes resumed in August. With occasional trips planned to New York and maybe to watch the Ozzfest (something I have been looking forward to, very much), things dont seem to be changing in any possible manner. But somehow, I have not started to get bored of this monotony so far, and thats quite unlike me. I guess some of the breaks in between keep me unaware of the thoughts of boredom, like the guitar musical I listened to, at my friends place over the weekend. What was interesting about it was the fact that, this friend of mine, who was of a non-indian origin was actually playing hindustani music on the guitars!! That left me spellbound for a while!! Amazing, the way they seem interested in our music, exactly the way Indian people seem “more” interested in western music, these days (Well proverbs can be true after all ;-)) In fact that even rekindled a desire to find out if there is anything left out of the tiny bit of karnatic music I learned as a child…. 🙂

Well, on other news, started reading August Frost (well reached just 40 pages so far though). At the onset, it looks like a great book – simple yet elegant style of writing. Will post more as soon as I finish reading. I hope to by the end of this week.


Im looking forward to getting my hands on Black Rain , the new album by Ozzy Osbourne. Some of the songs look particularly interesting like – I don’t wanna stop, Black Rain (A tribute to Iraq victims, as I hear – a modifed version of warpigs) , Countdown has begun and Here for you.


~ by Niranjan Nandakumar on June 11, 2007.

4 Responses to “Sometimes monotony can be interesting too….”

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  2. You discover that a bored person is not who you are..and that it’s just a state of the comes and’s not’s not personal..nothing that comes and goes is yours 🙂

  3. A very dear friend of mine who plays Sitar exceptionally well – she has been practising it for quite a while now, mostly because her parents want her to – was of the opinion that she’d seem much cooler playing a Guitar than the Sitar. Well, I didn’t have anything to say to that. Muttatthe mullakku manamilla. Hmm!

    Oh, and with the GODS of heavy metal and rain and frost, I don’t think life should be monotonous 🙂

  4. @Xeres … Thanks for that link from your blog !! I should think about those when I get bored 🙂

    @Prasil … Very true!! They dont realise how much of a treasure that talent would be 🙂

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