A confession….

Wise men from the mountains say, you don’t realise that you love someone until you lose her for sometime, be it a few hours or a couple of months or forever. Although I tried to keep myself aware of this in every possible manner, somehow along the way, I faltered. We have had a long long association dating back to Jan 2004, when I first got introduced to her. Since then she listened to every word I told her. Sometimes I poured out my frustrations, some other times they were “words of wisdom” or simply snapshots of things I see around me. I have ignored her many-a-times, even to the extend that I never saw her for 2 whole months. Still she stuck on. I took her for granted wherever I went and whatever I did. I always had the belief that she would be with me all throughout. The belief turned into a “confidence” and that went soaring high, beyond my reach….

Then it happened. I lost contact with her for a few hours, yesterday. My world came crashing down. I felt as though I lost her. My mind went blank for a while, when I frantically tried to get back in touch with her. Every minute seemed like a day and the wait was long. Finally, she came back at 2:00 am in the morning.


I realised Im in love …. with my blog !! 😀 I promised myself that I would never take her for granted again and hence decided to take a backup of everything I told her !! 😉


~ by Niranjan Nandakumar on June 13, 2007.

11 Responses to “A confession….”

  1. The title sure is a catchy one 😉 nice way to get ppl to read what u’re written 😀
    yaay she’s back 🙂

  2. entamme. kola 😀
    But, man.. I miss writing too. These days way too much work and other things on my mind :/

  3. kalakki aliya! 😀
    One of these days I hope to fall in love too 😉

  4. Ouch! There’s no delete option for comments 😦

  5. aiyoo chora… she must be one dumb female to put up with u after this :p

  6. nice one 🙂

  7. oh yeah, i know what u mean… unfortunately for me i had lost all those post… but fortunately it was only 3-4 months into blogging…. heheh.

  8. lol.. i almost thought u escaped the curse 😀

  9. @Xeres … He he. Didnt want readers to ignore my love letter 😀

    @Vanchi … Im still waiting to see an update on your blog !!

    @Prasil … Well that sure needs a little more explanation 😉

    @Neurohavoc … She sure doesnt talk 😀

    @Unjun … Its a very depressing and discouraging feeling, having to lose all that you wrote over the past few years. There are memories etched in here !!

    @Vineet … Oh the curse is for eternity. Didnt you know that 😉

  10. Indeed a nice canvas to portray these thoughts :-). I am not sure, if you would do the same, had it been a real lady :-)?

    btw, “extend” !!

  11. @Gene … It sure is a canvas of its own kind 🙂 And well.. “d” and “t” always confused me 🙂

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