Syracuse Burning!!

It looks as though Sun seems to have taken a liking towards Syracuse by refusing to set even after 9:30 in the evening, and the temperature soaring upto 97F!! Quite ironically, I did wish for a hot summer, when it snowed endlessly,extending all the way upto April and when the spring which I was looking forward to (to complete the cycle of seasons ) never came. Weather simply can’t hit anymore extremes in this city, going from (-10F) to 100F in just two months. I’ve even come to realise that summer can make you as lazy as winter can, the difference being that in winter I never felt like leaving my house, whereas in summer I never feel like leaving my office room :D. It is expected to remain this way till the second week of July and then I hope the rains come back.

And, finally managed to get my hands on “My Name is Red” by Orhan Pamuk . I had been hearing quite a lot about this book lately and hence decided to buy it blindly without even bothering to read through the first few pages, like I usually do. In fact I started reading it too, putting aside August Frost that still has a bookmark on page 100. Although a wonderful narrative, describing each day in August’s life in the most detailed fashion, August Frost dragged a little too much in between, refusing to move any further from introducing the characters, even after the 100th page. All it talked till now, was about August (and his “fantasies”), his deli shop describing even the flavor of cheese he chose every single day (and iterations always led to nausea 😉 ), and the rest of the characters surrounding his life. But I must admit that all of them have been introduced in a manner such that the reader would know every single characteristic of each one of them. It does require a huge amount of talent (and of course patience) to accomplish that!!

Coming back to the new book in my life, I was infact caught offguard reading the title of the first chapter – “I am a corpse”. At the onset, I liked the way he introduced his characters, each narrating their own parts, themselves and the story unfolding itself through these independent narrations. This I felt is rather unique and hence interesting. It is indeed a gripping book, so much that I have to forcefully let myself keep it aside every night, for the fear of waking up late to work (I guess its time for me to buy this 😉 ). Also, the style of writing reminded me of one of my favorites – The Confessions of a Thug . Will let you know more about it once I crack its mystery 🙂

For now, let me go out and find myself an AC Duct to stand under. Even the heat of the laptop is making me sweat profusely !! 🙂 he he.


~ by Niranjan Nandakumar on June 26, 2007.

5 Responses to “Syracuse Burning!!”

  1. Orhan Phamuk sure is original. I happened to read the first chapter of ‘My name is Red’, and it did pique my interest, but instead, I went and bought ‘The White castle’. Hehe! It’s a novella – short (about 200 pages, maybe), original, and not too boring 🙂

    Here, in Bangalore, it’s raining like madman! Gee, it’s wonderful how we live in the same planet, and yet, feel like all are in different worlds.

  2. I told ya that book is gripping 😀

  3. Quite a lot of folks enjoying “My name is Red”.. I don’t think i’ll be able to put off buying it anymore. 🙂

  4. sounds like good books, i want to get hold of them myself.

    summer around the world might not really be an issue for me anymore… i withstood two amdavadi summers n i think i can withstand some more 😉

  5. @prasil … well not sure about white castle, but heard Snow is good too !!

    @Xeres .. well, you said it !!

    @Sanjiv … definitely a good buy 🙂

    @unjun … I know. Heard its burning even more there !! And you should get hold of the books.

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