This was where I was last weekend. A 12 hour long fiesta of music at Live Earth was simply an experience out of this world. Held in a stadium that was truly giant (in its name too 😉 ), this was my first experience of a concert in US (sadly), amidst a crowd of unimaginable numbers and seated just at the right spot that gave me the best of views, both of the crowd and the stage.

Having said that, for most part of the concert I was sitting quiet in a corner, while the rest of the crowd went berserk, singing to the tunes of the new age “rocks”, the hip-hops, the Keane Wests and the Luda Cris. And thats when I realised I still live in an earlier generation of music, perhaps a little too outdated in the present day world. Or if I try to give it a spin, the present day music does not really have the “long standing” charm that the older generation and genres possessed 🙂 However, I did keep myself engaged watching the choppers that circled the stadium with displays making fun of the 7-point pledge that Al Gore announced in between.

Wise men say, the best is always saved for the end. 🙂 And imagine how I would have jumped when Al Gore came out to announce the arrival of a native New Jersey man and out came him …

🙂 Two songs from his latest album, followed by “Its my life” and “Dead or Alive” was always enough to make the crowd go crazy, but this and this left them on the verge of insanity !! 🙂

Although it was followed by Roger Waters (with his “dark side of the moon”, “money” and “another brick in the wall”), Smashing Pumpkins, Dave Mathews Band (with their “ants marching”) and Police (with “Roxanne”), they were all overshadowed by the hangover that Jon Bon Jovi had left behind !! 🙂

For a show, truly enriching, both in terms of the cause it stood for and the richness of its music, let me go back and reiterate, it was an experience out of this world :-). And with more shows queued up – Def Leppard, Ozzy and Bon Jovi (back again in September), things definitely look bright and sunny in summer :-).

Offbeat: Good luck to Glam as he starts the second quarter of his life today 🙂


~ by Niranjan Nandakumar on July 10, 2007.

3 Responses to “07-07-07”

  1. haha 2nd quarter 😀

    i caught only a bit of the live earth concert on TV.. can just imagine how awesome the concert wld’ve been had i been there in person.. 😦

    september concert – take good videos of it if u can 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday Kopper!

  3. @Farhana .. It sure was a wonderful experience.

    @Sanjiv .. Thanks buddy 🙂

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