My experiments with the coffeemaker

For a coffee-addict such as me, a coffeemaker was always a necessity. And somehow it never came my way over the past one year. Being a common household kitchenware all around US, this new purchase that I made would seem rather irrelevant. But the way I “inaugurated” my new possession is something worth mention. Let me try giving it an elaborate introduction, just so that I don’t end up summarizing the adventure in just a few lines, like I normally would do. So here is a deliberate attempt to do so…

Tea had been my staple drink, during the four years in college mainly due to the my lack of enthusiasm in ordering a sugarless strong coffee every time, which would most often be misinterpreted as a precaution for some of the “silent killers” such as diabetes. But once I left college, the coffee addict in me took over again, and tea went back to its elite role of being an elaborate luxury or an occasional “coffee break” (a break from coffee rather 😉 ). And ever since I got here, this became even more scarce. I wouldnt call it a complete “tea-less” existence. I did manage to pay visits to the Chinese restaurant nearby, to drink the “flavored” hot water which they termed as the Chinese tea. 😉

The filtering part in the process of making a cup of tea had always been a put off, mainly due to the failure to find an adequate filter in this land of coffee addicts. Desperate measures even took me to the extent of using a cloth for the same, which I presumed, should have been how people did it, before the invention of the “device” known as filter. But these experiments often ended in the tea decorating the area, on the table, around the cup, rather than the cup itself.

Then came the Mr Coffee coffeemaker, on bright sunny morning. Perhaps it must have been the urge to try out the new gadget or the non-availability of ground coffee at my house then, that prompted me to open a new pack of Sri Lankan tea, which my friend had gifted me long ago. Within the next ten minutes I had three cups of steaming tea. I must admit it tasted slightly more bitter than what my taste buds could handle, but the experience did leave me satisfied with the results I got for my tests on the new product 😉 .

Some of the hardcore “fans and followers” of coffee might call it an insult to the coffee maker, but I really enjoyed this new option of reliving a nostalgia once in a while.


~ by Niranjan Nandakumar on August 16, 2007.

2 Responses to “My experiments with the coffeemaker”

  1. Tea in a coffee maker ? Blasphemy !! :O.

  2. It truly is !! 🙂

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