Why did GOD create a skunk?

Just a little while ago, as I was lying on my bed waiting to catch the train to the dreamland, a pungent smell of burning rubber swept into my room. My first reaction was to check my eternally running laptop, to see if something was really burning there. Then I turned my attention to the electric heater, which has been switched on since morning (Winter has indeed started to come out of hibernation). Having made sure that every electric appliance in my room has been unplugged, I decided to explore other options for the source of this smell. By then the smell had reached the heights of pungency and it was impossible for me to stay in my room. Like a police dog hunting for clues, I went from room to room in my house, sniffing around. Thats when I realised it was a skunk “fight” at the basement of my house that caused it. The heater vents in my room just brought it in at the fastest possible pace.

Smell of a skunk has not been new to me, given the abundance of skunks in America. But a smell of this degree and concentration was certainly a first time experience. Even an axe-effect stood no chance against this nasty “room freshener”. And that makes me wonder what use are they to this world?

Offbeat: Its November, and another month to go before I go back to India for the breaks. Now that brings up a not-so-comforting realisation that I still have not booked my tickets. I guess logistics have never been something I could handle with ease, ever. Hopefully I would be able to find a good deal by this week.


I just gained an hour more to finish off my class assignments. The time just shifted an hour back 😀


~ by Niranjan Nandakumar on November 4, 2007.

5 Responses to “Why did GOD create a skunk?”

  1. Break in India ? Cool ! Hope you would pop into blr and we can go have a drink :).

  2. I’m yet to experience the nasty reputation of the skunk, personally 🙂 I don’t know about GOD (curious and wonderful are HIS ways) but Noah shoulda known better than to allow them on board his ark! Imagine all the 150 nerve-racking days with no end or purpose in sight, only the intolerable burnt rubber smell wafting through the corridors of the mighty ship 😐

    On a serious note, though, skunks could be domesticated and used as an effective pest control 🙂

  3. skunk *fight* ? 😉

  4. “fight” or “mating ritual” ?

  5. “The skunk proves itself truly attractive, not only by the dashing white stripes that race from head to tail, but by its hearty appetite for insects and small rodents.” >> they form a very important part of the ecosystem.

    if they were useless they’d have never survived the “survival of the fittest” test ..

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