Books, family, food and TV

It has been a relaxing one week at home. Barring a long drive to Trivandrum, I may have stepped out of the house for just 2-3 hours in all. Family, books, TV (I realised it is always nice to watch movies on a screen wider than the 12″ I have on my laptop 🙂 ) and food (I must have gained a kg already!!) were the only priorities for me in the past one week. Most important was watching the Premier League on TV after a year and half. I also managed to convince my mom to cook all those things I missed for almost a year. With the travels starting next week, I really needed this time off to recharge myself.

The book that has been keeping me company is “When Elephants dance” by Tess Uriza Holthe. This is the second book that Im reading, which describes the World War II. Both the books talked about two completely different angles of the war – geographically as well as historically. While Suite Francaise gave a first hand picture of what happened in Paris during the German invasion, this book is a narrative in on what happened in Filipines (Philippines) during the Japanese invasion. I wouldn’t be entirely right when I say this book is a narrative. It is about a group of people living in the cellar of a house, amidst heavy bombings, keeping themselves together by narrating stories to each other. Hence it is a fine mixture of the real world and a world of fantasy, in my view. Im just 100 pages into the book right now and I hope to finish it by this weekend.


~ by Niranjan Nandakumar on December 19, 2007.

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