Blame it on the snow filled spring for my hiatus from this blog.

I have had a mixed “season” since I wrote here the last time – a truly adventurous road trip to Orlando and Miami (or the Gods own country, with its sky high coconut trees , and even a city called Malabar ), cruising through every possible weather conditions, from just a storm to a snow storm, from bright sunshine to dark pouring rains, from fleeting winds to what all and what not. The week long trip, where we covered 3000 miles, was indeed refreshing after a two month long struggle in school.

Back in school at the end of March, it has been the same routine, shuttling between class and work, still trying to find a balance between the two, I must admit. However I do have a mini plasma light and a confession to keep me company.

Offbeat: I just started a blog called Idle tech thoughts . I’ve been thinking about it for quite sometime now, ever since I started studying again, which means it has been two years since I started thinking about it. The plan was huge and I guess this is just an effort to start off and build on it as I go on.


~ by Niranjan Nandakumar on March 30, 2008.

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