Ice Hockey

Cheered and Jeered

The spirits were high, the drinks poured freely and the stage was set for the division semifinals between Syracuse Crunch and Manitoba Moose. I was at a loss of words at the first (ice) hockey game watched from the stands. The countdown had begun from 17 minutes to play, by the time we got to the stadium and the home crowd had started chanting “Lets go crunch” in support for ‘Cuse.

17 minutes later, in the game that started with the Canadian and American National Anthems, I witnessed one of the fastest and the most free flowing games in the world! There was no point in time between the game that the players on the court paused to take a breath – the ice never let them stay still πŸ˜€ . Even the substitutions happened to smoothly that the game never stopped for the change of players. Unlimited substitutions also meant that every 2 minutes a bunch of players left the field while the game went onto be replaced by an entire new set of players.

Having said that, the game turned rather physical towards the second period, when the players literally “crunched” their opponents to the side walls. However it never reached the standards that I had heard it usually got to, although the visitors saw their goalkeeper carried away due to a broken leg.

After an entertaining 3 hours of game, which went on to the extra time, the Crunch managed to lose 3-2 on a “golden goal” and the crowd left even before the players left the “field” πŸ™‚


~ by Niranjan Nandakumar on April 20, 2008.

One Response to “Ice Hockey”

  1. Nice new place u’ve got here.. Might be useful to put a auto redirect from your old domain to here πŸ™‚

    I like ice hockey.. it’s one of the few team sports where there’s actually a role for an “enforcer” and one doesn’t get heavily penalised for excessive violence or lack of *human empathy*


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