Impulse buy again!

I have been known to have an amazingly nasty habit of buying out of impulse and perhaps thats why I always remained broke. This time it was Think Geek that I decided to raid. Having already found a watch that proved rather useful, apart from the jaw-dropping reactions I got when I took it out to plug it into to my system, I had been a regular visitor at this place, just for its creative ideas. And thats when I chanced upon this . For long I had been planning to buy a pair of shades to protect myself from the impending dangers of exposure to direct sunlight as summer started to squeeze its way out through the snow in Syracuse. This pair of sunglasses with a 1.3MP camera and a 1GB storage space, leave aside the built-in mp3 player (I still need to be loyal to my old ipod 😉 ), turned out to be an obvious choice :D.

If you look at it from a slightly obtuse angle, I see it as photography in its true sense 😀 . Photography to me was about seeing world through my eyes. What more can be a better than a camera sitting right next to my eyes, capturing everything that I see! I wouldn’t say this is photography at its highest order (and I will still be loyal to my Sony DSC P93, just like I will be to my ipod 😀 ), but it does prove handy when moments pass by in a jiffy and you wish you could just convert that into a memory (at least during summer, when you have your shades on 😉 ).

On that note…. this is what I see as I make this post.

Spy cam

Forgive me for the lack of light and focus in the picture. Im still getting used to the fact that I need to turn my head completely to where I should be *really* looking, rather than just moves my eyes 😀

Offbeat: My next buy 😀


~ by Niranjan Nandakumar on April 23, 2008.

5 Responses to “Impulse buy again!”

  1. holy fuck!! 🙂 looks damn good though !! 🙂

  2. Doesn’t look good on him thou 😛 !

  3. U shud edit them a bit more 😀 !

  4. Eda get that watch…and then I will decide whether i need to get it or not !

  5. Wicked :mrgreen:

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