No longer a "bachelor"!

Dont get me wrong there. I just meant that I finally completed all the graduate requirements, last Friday. It feels wonderful to complete everything and be free although it means I need to get back to my working life again. Sometimes I feel, its better to just keep hopping from one university to another and be a student for eternity 🙂 . The last two years have been a journey in itself. I still remember the day when I got here, having no clue what would happen next. In fact I didnt know anyone in Syracuse. A casual conversation at the queue in the bank lead me to find a few roommates with whom I have been staying since then. Soon I found a group of wonderful friends, a group I plan to keep with me for life!

Life wasn’t easy either. Finding a part time job to survive in this alien country was a task in itself. 2-3 weeks at the dining halls and I luckily managed to find a job at the lab in my department. Everything has been an experience. Balancing work and study was the biggest challenge. With assignments and reports due every week, and copying assignments seen as a “criminal” offense, things weren’t sailing smoothly the first few months. Soon I managed to find a rhythm and a routine. Although those routines kept changing every semester, I still realized that I could survive.

2 years hence, I’ve changed quite a lot. I’ve learned a lot. I’ve experienced a lot too. As a new chapter in my life begins, I have 2 months of vacation, which could be the longest that I would get a very long time….


~ by Niranjan Nandakumar on May 4, 2008.

3 Responses to “No longer a "bachelor"!”

  1. U have to change that title…:D…

    And vacation?!That ain’t gonna happen for sometime dude :D…2 months is the max u can get…!

    and yeah work……….

  2. 🙂 aah me on a reverse phase of u, leaving work and joining school and I can see the exact same things which are going to be happening to me too.

    need room mates, need a bank account, need money in that bank, need a part time job 🙂 hopefully all ll work out soon.

    The anxiety and the worry over this is actually making me jealous of you have already completed this.

    Well atleast I wont have any hair by the time I get out :)) 29! 29! thats what I ll be. Quite mature and old 😉

  3. @Jaris .. changed 😉 Yeah looking forward to the vacation, although will be “income-less” 😀

    @abdul .. 90 degree phase difference! Dont worry.. things just happen 🙂 And oh yeah. Hair is gonna be a problem ..but I guess thats a fashion in the corporate world now-a-days 😉 SO you’ll be a good fit!

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