Reading in bus…

Best part about bus journeys

Thats something I always look forward to, during my long trips from Syracuse. There is nothing like spending hours at a stretch reading a book, thinking about nothing but the book. Although there were times when I made it a point to read at least one page a day (Over the past few months, I’ve never been able to do justice to this too!_, it somehow never gave me the same feeling as being able to read it for a few hours continuously.

As a result, there is a HUGE backlog of books that piled up on my desk. A few more just got added into the list, which I picked up from NY Public Library, on a sale that gave me 4 books for $3 😀 ….

Ha’penny by Jo Walton was the latest that I completed over three 5 hour journeys in the past one week 🙂 Looking forward to more such long trips!

Offbeat: Almost got caught while trying to shoot this picture. Hope the lady doesn’t file a case of invasion of privacy seeing this 😉 Guess I need a camera with a better zoom 😀 .


~ by Niranjan Nandakumar on May 17, 2008.

One Response to “Reading in bus…”

  1. 4 books for 3 bucks ??!!! that is some deal !

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