In search of a home in Philadelphia!

The last one week, was completely dedicated to finding a house in Philadelphia to where I plan to move, in the end of June. With buying a car being almost next to impossible in the beginning two months due to my license status and the change in states, I consoled myself by thinking about the amount of calories I can burn everyday by walking from the company to my house. For that same reason, I decided to find a house close to the company, and chose to walk to the prospective apartments, to give me a feel of the distance. I must say, that was a disastrous decision 🙂

Perhaps the most notable walk was in search of Main Land Court at 97 Ashland Ave. With google maps calculating just 1.1 miles to the destination, I decided to give it a shot. I crossed the City Ave, where my company was and turned right on the Belmont Ave. The map then “directed” me to follow the same road all the way to Main Land Court! What was described as a 1.1 mile walk, turned out to be a 4.2 mile hike!

Little did I know about the terrain of this “straight” road, which traced an undamping sine wave for most part of the walk. The footpath switching lanes every 500 ft., sometimes just vanishing into thin air and springing back out of the nowhere, meant I also had to watch out for traffic while I walked, due to the frequent “Indian-style” crossings that I had to make. The walk almost seemed like a trekking experience when the road-side scenery kept changing from – cemeteries (2 infact!) to rocky “mountains” and narrow streams to railway tracks. I wished I had not brought my bag along, as it weighed heavily on my shouders. It even reached a point where I decided to toss a coin to really see if I should walk that far. How much more “biased” can an “unbiased” coin be, when 7 out of the 9 times, it came in favor of continuing! It almost seemed like something was pulling me to the place. For a moment, scenes from all the horror movies that I’ve watched over the years, came to my mind. Even the name of the road that I needed to take, Ashland Avenue (by the side of the graveyards), started to form scary images. After an hour long walk (or it seemed like an hour long), and a final uphill climb by the railway track, I reached the place, which turned out to be significantly contrary to the “visions” that I had. Well, to add on to the anti-climax, this place did not have a kind of apartment that I was looking for too!

I did finally manage to find a house after 2 days of walking almost 20 miles – a nice and quaint place on the third floor of the building, with a balcony facing the swimming pool, giving a pool-side experience without literally being on the pool-side.

And after all those walking and a wonderfully crafted layer of sun tan due to “unhealthy ozone levels”, here I am, still at the Philadelphia airport, waiting for a flight to Syracuse that should have taken off at 13:30 (EST).

Updated: Shots from the “unexpected” long walk!

Occasional "stairways to heaven" by the roadside

Occasional Stairways to heaven, by the roadside..

Lonely houses

… and the lonely houses…

Passing Streams by the interstate highway

… passing streams by the interstate highway…

With moving trains and not-so-moving cars

… with moving trains and not-so-moving cars…

By the rail track

… uphill by the railway tracks…

Beside the "rocky" Mountain

… Beside the “rocky” mountains, I continued my walk on Belmont Ave, Bala Cynwyd, PA 🙂


~ by Niranjan Nandakumar on June 8, 2008.

4 Responses to “In search of a home in Philadelphia!”

  1. I have a suggestion.Why don’t you go for the new *in* trend of cycling to work ? 😀

  2. Thats part of the plan 🙂

  3. Good photos.

  4. Thanks 🙂

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