Flew to Pittsburgh, had dinner and came back while waiting for my flight to Syracuse!

One of my friends in Bangalore joked once, “Why not fly to Delhi, have a coffee and fly back”! Back then, it was more of insanity than reality and I never expected that such a thing would come true even “unintentionally”.

It happened yesterday, while I was waiting for my flight back to Syracuse from Philadelphia. I was scheduled to be on the flight at 1:30pm and the “status” board indicating that the “US Airways flight to Syracuse was on time” was in itself a surprise to me. It has never happened before. For this same reason, I refused to keep my expectations high. And promptly at 1:30pm, an announcement came saying that the flight was delayed due to an “emergency maintenance issue”. After an hour long wait, the second announcement came that the flight was canceled. Well, I didn’t see THAT coming! What followed was a mayhem, with people rushing to counter to get seats on the next flight out! I must admit that it was my lethargy that lead to the stream of adventures that followed!

I was told that the earliest flight that I could take from Philadelphia to Syracuse was at 11:00pm, which meant a wait for about 8.5 hours! I was further given an option to fly to Pittsburgh and catch a flight from there, which would get me to my home three hours earlier. I, promptly took the second option, especially since I was running out of pages on the book that I was reading. On reaching Pittsburgh at 7:00pm, I decided to have have dinner while waiting for the next flight out. Thanks to my phone (I HAD to say this 😀 ), and my friend, who was with me, I checked the status of that flight. Cancelled, came the status in big and bold letters and I jumped out of my seat, almost spilling the bowl of fries. We ran back to the same Philadelphia flight on which we came, that had started boarding for its return trip by then, and somehow managed to get seats on it, with a standby reservation on the 11:00pm flight from Philadelphia to Syracuse. The surprised smile that the cabin crew gave me, indicated that this was rather “unusual” 😀 . Back at the Philadelphia airport, which had by now become a familiar site for me, it didnt take much long before we got to the gate where the Syracuse flight was waiting! We waited anxiously, counting every person that boarded, to see if there were seats available. It truly was a LONG wait, where every additional person getting in drilled a nail into my heart! 🙂 And thanks to “flight delays” again, we managed to find seats and got back to Syracuse by 1:00am on Monday, delayed by 10 hours of adventures!

Now that I look back at it, I would rather be happy to tell people that I decided to fly to Pittsburgh to have dinner, while waiting for my flight to Syracuse! 😀 I must also say, that was perhaps the first time I saw my luggage waiting for me at my destination several hours before I actually landed!!


~ by Niranjan Nandakumar on June 9, 2008.

4 Responses to “Flew to Pittsburgh, had dinner and came back while waiting for my flight to Syracuse!”

  1. Ek dum FILMY !!

  2. .. in reality! Just completing your sentence 😀

  3. u r havin good fun 🙂 ‘n this theme loads pretty quick, but the earlier one was prettier … used to lend a rustic and antique feeling to the blog.. almost like the parchment it depicted..

  4. I guess its the summer heat that made me want some refreshing “water-filled” theme 🙂 Will get the other one back soon!

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