A truly "grilling" week!

It started off on Friday evening, the previous weekend, when the idea of having a barbecue by the lakes came creeping into our minds, while idling away to glory at the cafe nearby. And it did not take us long before we bought the grill, the food and a sack full of charcoal in preparation for a long weekend that was to come. What followed was a marathon “grilling” session from Friday evening, when we decided to give it a test run, all through Saturday and finally finishing the charcoal on Tuesday night! The result was perhaps a brutal abuse of 3 whole chicken and pounds and pounds of paneer , not to forget the truck load of vegetables that tagged its way to the grill! And here is how they managed to look on one of those sessions, by the Green Lakes State Park in Syracuse!

Grill - 1

Just as I decided that I had enough of grilled food for the rest of my life, I realized that there was more to come. This time it was at Ichiban (Japanese for No. 1) Steakhouse at Liverpool, New York, which our team from the lab had chosen to be the diner for Thursday! And off went several pounds of cow, shrimp, and what all and what not, when the chef decided to give us a piece of his cooking skills right on our table. And here’s what happened beside a “burning onion pyramid”!

Grill - 2


~ by Niranjan Nandakumar on June 28, 2008.

5 Responses to “A truly "grilling" week!”

  1. Now I know who to ask for suggestions before I head out to have Japanese food 😀

  2. Oh yeah! Went to yet another Japanese place to have just the Sushi the other day 😀

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  4. take that picture down trying to get me fired for underaged drinking?!@!?@#! im just kidding hope your doing well in philly.

    oh and that isnt a “burning onion pyramid” its a freaking volcano!

  5. Well I thought that was coke you were drinking! 🙂 It sure was a volcano. Phily has been treating me well so far! Hope your classes are going fine too!

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