Movies and coffee

As the joblessness seems never-ending (yet another week to go!), grills got replaced by movies, both in and out of the theaters. Well there was quite an overlap between the two “phases”. Such chronological errors can be overlooked as those born out of sheer monotony! Coming back to the point, the list is so amazingly long that I guess its time for me to change my glasses. It started off with Zohan and his mess, a couple of weeks back (now you know where the overlap started) and then came Get Smart, Wanted, and Hancock, in the theaters and a truck load of movies at Hulu including “Raising Arizona and Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind” (perhaps the “notables” among the “golden” oldies!)

As wise men from the mountains say, every phase in life gets routinized over a period of Time. And so did this brief vacation during the transition phase from student-hood to a working life! I sat up to see the sunrise every morning, reading on my bed and started my day by noon with a large mug of coffee. Typically a game of risk would have started off at Land Grab , by the time I got to the lab, which filled the rest of the two hours, before I got myself out in the sun for a game of football (soccer) or tennis if laziness did not overpower me by then.

But the best part, of late, has been the coffee sessions at Recess Cafe – a quaint place close to my house. With coffee being just a matter of daily doses of caffeine in America, its hard to find a place where coffee is *not* served in take away cups with a lid and a small “mouthpiece” that gives you a jump, when you take that first sip of steaming coffee. And that’s perhaps why, a few of us started taking a liking for this place – for the coffee mugs that were used. Several hours of idle conversations happen over a *mug* of coffee until the sun decides to set, well into the night. In fact we have been frequenting so much over the past one month that, the owner decided to open a tab for us, so that we don’t have to pay every other time 🙂

So here’s to the Recess Cafe at Wescott Street, Syracuse.

Lonely ranger

Cafe 2

And as the long weekend approaches, here I am packing my bags for yet another relocation, 2 years later, for a new phase in life….


~ by Niranjan Nandakumar on July 4, 2008.

2 Responses to “Movies and coffee”

  1. Risk.. me likes tht one..once me and my friends sat thru the night … played till 6…

  2. Register at Land Grab!

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