Carpentry in Philadelphia!

I had always believed that relocation was a familiar ground for me. Although I chose not to move, the 2 years I had been in Syracuse, I had managed to move houses 4 times in the three years I had been in Bangalore, and that I thought made me a “veteran” in the job! So when I moved to Philadelphia to start my work, little did I anticipate a new surprise that was waiting for me – carpentry!

Furniture, to me was always a finished product. Be it a cot or a book shelf, a dining table or even a small table, every thing had to be readymade in my view. For this same reason, when I went out to shop for my new house last Saturday, I was on the lookout for the best that fitted my budget – bulky or fancy! The shock of my life came when I went to pick them up from the basement of the IKEA showroom at downtown Philadelphia. Everything that I had chosen came in boxes which, even in my wildest of imaginations, could barely fit a fraction of what I had actually ordered for! I never knew that each one of them needed to be assembled, once it was delivered! 🙂

Within minutes of delivery, my house turned into a carpenter’s workshop with pieces of wood (or pieces of the jigsaw, as I should call them) lying all around the place. Soon started the relentless hammering and nailing. The one class of carpentry workshop back in the first year of my undergrad education finally paid off I guess. It took my roommate and me a whole week, which saw us coming back from the office by 6 and without wasting anytime working on solving the jigsaw, to finally complete the task! The beds were the hardest. It took us almost 3 hours to build one! And finally this was how my room looked at the end of the week.


I did build another 6-feet tall book shelf which found its place on the other side of my bed. Im yet to fill it up with books. The carpentry work took away so much time that most of the boxes which contain the books remained unopened! There is still a lot more space in my room and I guess that should soon make me an expert in carpentry and perhaps open new avenues for a second line of job 😉


~ by Niranjan Nandakumar on July 20, 2008.

7 Responses to “Carpentry in Philadelphia!”

  1. IKEA… nice 🙂 even I’ve always wanted a bookshelf !

  2. Get a toolbox I say ! Move on to things like aquariums and kitchen cabinets.It’s awesome fun,I do it with dad 😀 And try painting your walls with those rollers,that’s amazing experience!

  3. I have the very same IKEA cot! 😀 I’m sure the cot in the picture, too, has 15 horizontal planks running the length of it. They appear so fragile and look as if they’d collapse in the middle of the night when you’re having an especially horrible nightmare.

    And luckily for me, I didn’t have to ‘build’ it. It came with the room 🙂

    Neat work though 😀

  4. @Sanjiv .. thats my first too 🙂 Still haven’t filled that up though!

    @Xeres … Nice tips. I might just do that 🙂

    @Prasil Well I was a little skeptical myself to get into the bed which I made. So I personally reassured that the screws are as tight as tight can be 😀

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