The QWERTY disaster!

It all started when my company decided to give me a Blackberry in an attempt to make me work round the clock! Although I’d been “out-of-touch” with the a “physical” keyboard on phones for quite sometime, little did I know that the consequences would be as disastrous as it turned out to be. The signs of the impending catastrophe started to creep out during my attempts to get used to the QWERTY keyboard and the miniscule keys in it. I must have made a dozen calls to my colleagues, while trying to familiarize with the phone, (some of them even multiple times). And they were courteous enough to call back and find out if everything was fine!

Then I got locked out of my house by promptly leaving the keys behind when I stepped out, while I was playing with the new gadget! To make matters even worse, I left my “i”Phone (which I’ve started liking even more now) on the charger, which meant that I was left with just this new phone, with no contacts on it and a wallet in my pocket with no money in it 😀 . It took me another 2 hours to get a hold of my roommate, who had to be pulled out of his office desk to hand me the spare keys.

And NOW… I’m locked out of the blackberry itself! I made an attempt to change the password and the miniature keyboard that it had, somehow managed to make me type a random password twice to confirm it! (Now what is the probability of that happening!) One more attempt on logging in would erase the entire data from my phone!

Why do I get a feeling that I’m hating my new phone already?! 😀


~ by Niranjan Nandakumar on August 21, 2008.

7 Responses to “The QWERTY disaster!”

  1. que aventuras ! 😀

  2. That reminded me of the song Que Sera Sera by Doris Day! 🙂

  3. u always have such nice themes! and nice to see smileys despite all the ‘disasters’ 🙂

  4. too much of security can be bad for u!! haha.

  5. i guess its time to enjoy when your business programs stop working….live it

  6. Commiserations!

  7. @farhana … thanks 🙂

    @anjana … Absolutely.. security is a necessary evil!!

    @spiralarchitect … hey nice to see you again! Nothing better than technology failing on you!

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