Labor day weekend at Maine!

It was a long weekend, and having been back to a working life, such weekends were much needed breaks! A few of us decided to spend it at one of the northernmost tips of the eastern side of America – Bar Harbor, Maine, at the risk of accidentally crossing over to Canada, if at all we lost way!

An overnight train to Boston was how the journey started, where I had to meet up with a few friends, before driving up to Maine. With Yiddish Policemen for company, I left Philadelphia at 12:30 am on Saturday. A seven hour journey, with an annoying 1.5 hour stopover at New York Penn Station in the middle of the night, finally got me to South Station at Boston early in the morning. From there started the journey to Bar Harbor, Maine through the Interstate-95, which was, by now, a familiar ground for us, from the trip down to Florida during the Spring break!

The landscape changed dramatically as we turned to RT-1, the road that took us to the tip. Saline winds that blew in from the sea and the bays amidst the tall mountains greeted us five hours later. We reached our destination, a quaint hotel looking out into the bay, with a fleet of ships docked on the banks.

Room with a view

With the sunset closing in, there was nothing much we could do that day except taking a stroll down the streets of Bar Harbor, watching life pass by as people went about their evening chores. It was indeed an irony that we saw the sunset at a place where sun rises the first in the whole of America! Something else that took me by surprise was that the place seemed to have more Europeans than Americans, evident from the fact that people on the sidewalks, walked on their left rather than right 🙂 !

Welcome, Hippies

By the time we got back to the hotel, we didnt have much time but to have a quick dinner by the bay side and sleep off, to wake up to a long day of mountain biking at Acadia State Park!

When we rented our bikes the next day morning, little did we realise that it would be as hard to ride a bike as it turned out to be. Having already set out in an adventurous mood, we decided to cycle down to Acadia State Park, rather than take the bus. Within minutes, we realised that it was not an easy task to cycle up the mountains, even with the multiple gears that the bike possessed 😀 .The 20 mile long sinusoidal trail that awaited us was mind blowing in its scenic beauty, passing through the ….

dense forests


and high mountains,

Young biker

through restaurants amidst the mountains

Restaurant amidst the mountains

and lakes shaped like eagles!

Shaped like an eagle!

Soon we found that what was planned to be a leisure ride for a couple of hours turned out to be a six hour long ordeal and all of us were spaced wide apart, by the time we reached the final point! With burning knees and dehydrated bodies, we dragged ourselves back to the hotel. There was nothing much we could do that day other than just cool ourselves by the jaccuzzi.

The next day, being the last day of the “long” weekend, which went faster than expected, we had to leave early to get back to Boston! What followed was a race against time and traffic to get to Boston and then a bus journey to New York, before the last train to Philadelphia left New York and I got back home early on Tuesday morning!

The trip was also significant due to the fact that we have now scaled the entire stretch of I95 – the highway that ran along the east coast, passing through Maine and New Hampshire in the north, through North and South Carolina and Georgia, all the way till its end at the beginning of the Florida Keys!

More pictures of the trip can be found here

And here I am after a hungover Tuesday and an action packed Wednesday, waiting for yet another weekend. New York is the destination this time, to hopefully catch up on some US Open action!


~ by Niranjan Nandakumar on September 4, 2008.

4 Responses to “Labor day weekend at Maine!”

  1. amaaaaaaaaaaaaazing pics. 🙂 i especially love the restaurant amidst the mountains.. really seems idyllic 🙂

  2. The first pic is a brilliant one !
    So come next weekend and you’ll have a detailed account of Grapple in the Apple with lotsa pics from Flushing Meadows:D Can I tell you to get me some autographs ? 😀

  3. @farhana … thanks 🙂

    @Xeres … Autographs! Well, hopefully I get an entry first 🙂 Yet to find a ticket!

  4. Beautiful Photographs

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