Manhattan, it was, again

Yet another weekend at Manhattan and like every other time, this time too, the city had a lot to offer which I had never seen before like, a street fair on the 6th Avenue which stretched all the way from 42nd Street up as far as eyes could go, winding its way through the buildings that stood tall and a presidential campaign amidst a completely unrelated procession.

And then there were places, I made sure that I never missed, every time I set my feet on this “rock”, such as the Bryant Park with its usual group of chess players and book readers, the New York Public library and its fair share of photographers and coffee drinkers and the central park, teeming with life, from street performers to caricature artists, mothers and kids on their daily dose of afternoon walks to tourists such as me, tracing a serene hiking trail around the park. Time stood still at these places, amidst the fast paced financial center that was build around them! An irony, I must say!

But one that requires special mention is the tunnel adjacent to the statue of the angel, beside the lake, at Central Park. I have spent a significant chunk of my time in this city, inside this tunnel, watching the street performers in action. Rumor has it that street performers who perform at some of the prime locations in Central Park are auditioned before letting them out to the public! I believe, this spot is one such. And perhaps that is one of the reasons why I have always liked being at this spot. There is something magnetic about this place which has always kept me glued to the spot for hours together. It must be the enchanting music that echoes through those architecturally elaborate walls and ceilings in the tunnel.

And this time too, the power of his voice just kept me enthralled.

When civilizations meet

And here is a shot from where I sat listening, almost a year ago.

The *real* artists...

Looking forward to yet another visit to this land, teeming with life……

Offbeat: Met up with Jaris and Cibin, who generously gifted me with a lens and a polarizer for my new camera. 🙂


~ by Niranjan Nandakumar on September 14, 2008.

One Response to “Manhattan, it was, again”

  1. I recognize the second snap..isn’t it one of those framed ones hanging on the wall ? 😀
    This post reminds me of this New Yorker chap here..all he does most of the time is talk about his city which happens to be NYC !

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