Usernames and not passwords!

Wise men from the mountains say that most people find it difficult to remember passwords. And every one of them have their own unique way of keeping track of them. Some keep a list in their system maintained by a complex spreadsheet made on the “freely” available Microsoft Excel and others just have a list of 4 or 5 which they tend to alternate between. Me personally, I would fall under the latter group of people. Some others have rather interesting but not-so-secure ways of tackling this situation. I remember a lady back in my school who wrote down all her passwords on a small piece of paper and stuck it right under her keyboard; risky, but effective!!

Recently I have started to realise that I never had a problem remembering the passwords. Instead it was always the usernames that I forgot!! In the beginning, I had tried to maintain a single username across all accounts that I held. But with the more and more users starting to flood into the webworld, this practice became rather difficult and after several failed attempts to create accounts with some of the common names in my list, I started yielding to the recommendations that each site gave me as an alternative. The result, I lost track of the usernames!! I have come to realise that, in every site that I login to these days, (except of course the common ones), I have had to make several attempts by trying different usernames for the same password, like I’m doing right now!

Now the advantage of forgetting usernames and not passwords is that no one locks you out for trying multiple usernames for the same password. It has always been the other way round! Lately, most sites have started to offer logins through the email ids instead of a unique username. That has been a huge relief for people like me! World is adapting I guess…. 😀


~ by Niranjan Nandakumar on December 14, 2008.

7 Responses to “Usernames and not passwords!”

  1. Yeah .. a common login across all the sites is the way to go !!! FB connect etc are doing exactly that.

  2. I found a solution to this sometime back when I realized I can’t keep track of all the userid and passwords. It’s quite simple ! Whenever I create a new account on any site I email myself with the details and subject line would be the site 😀

  3. Me too! I thought maybe im the only nut with that problem 😛

  4. i recently forgot my SBI e-account login….
    i remember all my passwords…but i usually have trouble with my login. I thought i was hearing that there is one more in the gang…
    **sophie has a sigh of relief

  5. @Jaris … Very true. That is a relief of people like me 😀

    @Xeres … LOL you wouldnt want that in these days of hacked accounts 🙂

    @Divya and Sophie … So I guess its not just me 😀

  6. nice blog, i have always had problems like these and i used to think i am the lone “out-of-the-world” person who has this kinda thing, but now i am glad i have company 🙂 LOLs..
    And hey thanks for coming by blog.. keep in touch..

  7. Thanks 🙂 Looks like the group is growing big now!

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