When the GODS visited Philadelphia!

The day was January 17th, a cold and windy Saturday. Things could not have been any worse with wind chill and warnings of extreme climate. With plans of tail gating scheduled as early as 3:00 pm, there was nothing to be expected than a harsh evening. I guess that had to be the bargain to meet the GODS of rock – Metallica.

It was back in September that I got my tickets – a rather accidental news that one of my colleagues picked up back then. With a website that was slower than the slowest possible, it took a while for us book the tickets. Ever since, the excitement had been soaring sky high!

4 hours of tail gating under a wind struck tent, warmed by a small heater, a light bulb and a few hand warmers, inside the gloves, we waited on for the show to start. While packing up the tent I froze myself to the extent that I could not feel my feet while walking towards the stadium! Packed, was perhaps an understatement for the crowd turnout I saw at the stadium. It was over flowing!! The half an hour wait inside seemed like eternity. And finally at quarter past 9, the lights went off and the music started.

On came Kirk Hammett

And James Hetfield

What followed was indeed the best of rock – Whiplash, Unforgiven, Master of Puppets, Enter Sandman, Sad but true and the list went on. It was truly a bliss! Walking out of the place, 2.5 hours later, the wind didn’t bother me. Nor did the cold. It took me the whole drive home, blasting S&M in the car to finally find my words back……

More videos and pictures coming here soon


~ by Niranjan Nandakumar on January 19, 2009.

5 Responses to “When the GODS visited Philadelphia!”

  1. ‘n iron maiden is coming to bangalore 😀

  2. Again?! :-O

  3. i am downright jealous….!!!

    i would do anything to see these guys… oh man… i dont have words to express… put up more videos… i so love it.. 😀

  4. he he… you sure should be 🙂 More videos on my flickr site.

  5. man i know that feeling.. had attended roger waters when he’d come to bombay.. that was the first time i had been to any concert.. i was blown away… then came maiden.. i was waiting in the queue to get in and the air suddenly filled with riff of aces high.. i still get kicked about it when i think of it.. the feeling is inexplicable… just wanted to rush my way onto the grounds.. witnessed them again at bangalore this year… terrific!

    metallica.. man.. it would be a dream come true if these guys come here and perform.. but seriously man.. i want their original line up.. bring back newsted.. the current monkey bassist gotta go home.. the bass and guitar binge that used to be all their concerts used to be mind blowing.. did they have it in this concert? anyway.. i don’t like the bass play of that monkey.. why isn’t ozzy taking him back… arghh.. well nonetheless.. metallica are a legend!

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