A thousand splendid suns

This book had been a part of my shelf for a very long time now. Somehow I never managed to gather the right mood to start reading it. For this same reason, when the 3 day trip to Syracuse was planned last weekend, this popped out as an obvious choice for the en-route read. A 10 hour total travel time that I managed over the weekend, let me finish it at perhaps the fastest I’ve completed a book in the recent past.

Some books leave a mark through their style of writing; some others due to the intense story line. But then there are some which enthrall you simply through the powerful characters that they portray. This book is one such. The portrayal of two characters – Mariam and Laila – was perhaps the one of the best I’ve read so far. I have always maintained that it is an amazing talent to write in the simplest of languages and yet convey something profound – one of the reasons why I have a rather small list of favorite authors. The choice of words, though simple, and the way they are molded into sentences makes this book an absolute pleasure to read.


Syracuse, with its whole gamut of weather changes, was truly a refreshing weekend too. From a windy Friday, to a rainy Saturday morning that gave way to a snow storm by evening, and a sunny Sunday, the weather was as unpredictable as ever. So here’s to a rain-filled drive for a Saturday afternoon lunch.



~ by Niranjan Nandakumar on April 6, 2009.

5 Responses to “A thousand splendid suns”

  1. i read this book ages ago when i was in college and loved the portrayal of Mariam and Laila. Love the simplicity and the aesthetics of language… love the profundity and the pace with which the book progresses…and the co-incidence is that i had read this book on a journey as well, from mumbai to Goa though…! nothing can beat a good book during a journey… and this one’s surely a hit…! 🙂

  2. The book is so poignantly written.. yeah i loved it… but it didn’t quite match up to the utter brilliance that was kite runner… seemed like hosseni wrote another book just because his first one was so well received… It turned out well of course… but there was something missing…

    wind, rain, snow.. sexy 😀

  3. Kite Runner had a charm, but somehow it never kept me engrossed as much as this one did!

  4. Grider !

    Been a while. Hope things are fine at your end.
    Read the book recently, and loved it for the very reasons you mention.
    Should catch up soon….


    • It truly has been a while. Hope you are doing good too. The book was perhaps one of the better ones I’ve read in the recent years. And we sure should catch up.

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