Just another manic Tax-day!

Paper works or more specifically, filling forms have never been my cup of coffee! Be it anything from university applications to job applications, tax returns to visa applications, or bank accounts and processes to even opening a two line account online, I have always made it a point to try and shy away from this “huge responsibility”. It must have been the complexity involved in actually filling some of them, or just the lack of interest in entering my name and address, “n” times, but I have always made sure that I kept it till the last moment, or not do it, unless the situation absolutely necessitated the process.

For this same reason, I have defaulted almost always from filing taxes back in India, although the wise men from all generations have advised that I could possibly save something if I actually took the pains to fill the forms. It was not until two years back, when I came to this country, I finally decided that I would file my taxes for the first time. It must have been the value of the refund, converted to my native currency that prompted me to enter into this “crime” for the first time, during my student days, when every penny was worth a thousand. However, I must admit that I still made a diligent effort to send the forms at the last moment, since the law required just a postal stamp dated for the last day on it, giving me time till 15th April, 3:30pm.

This time, things were slightly different. I did keep it till the last moment, not allowing myself to let go off the habit. But I took it a step further to delay it even beyond the 3:30 time stamp, simply because I could submit them online. Well, let me just blame it partially on my tax consultant for the sake of an excuse, to whom I had sent my forms a week earlier. But this, being the busiest of weeks for them, I guess I should have seen it coming. The result – I almost decided to file for an extension, if not for that call at 3:00pm saying I could file it right then.

With lot more paper works and forms, yet to come into my otherwise peaceful life, I guess I should seriously start thinking about improving my habits!


~ by Niranjan Nandakumar on April 15, 2009.

One Response to “Just another manic Tax-day!”

  1. lol, cutting it pretty close there, aren’t you 🙂 Yeah. I doubt anyone actually likes filling those forms out – what a waste of time and paper! Most of the data fields are redundant or require one to recall trivial things from a long while back. I suppose the digital age is making progress here because they do have those autofill features but yes – a world without having to fill out numerous forms?…oh what a dream!

    Btw, funny thing. I just noticed that my blog post that you commented on today had been missing 2 complete paragraphs and for whatever reason, I had not noticed it earlier. Anyway, it is fixed now. And I concur – recent movies of vampires have been less than stellar which is sad a that’s exactly why that Swedish vampire movie was such a refreshing experience. On wiki, they said they are going to make an English version directed by someone else but I doubt it would close to being anywhere near as good as the original. I’m curious to see if they’re going to make a movie on The Historian, too.

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