I must admit, I have always refrained myself from trying this sport. It felt like the slowest possible game ever to be invented by man! But off late, I have started to pick up interest, simply because I came across somebody who walked me through the science behind it, a few months back :-). Well, the harsh winter since then, gave me rather limited chances to try my hands on this sport until this weekend, when the weather was as sunny as the sun could be. Amidst the rigorous schedule that this weekend offered at work, having had to sit rather late on Friday and also go back to office on Sunday, came a Saturday which was bright and sunny. So when my friend called to ask if I wanted to join for golfing, I didn’t think twice.

The place was Jefferson Golf Club, around 10 miles from where I stayed and the time was “twilight”. Four of us, with two golf sets and two carts, set off to the course with dozens of bottles of water. 3.5 hours and 9 holes later, under heavy winds, harsh sunshine and breezy dusk, we were tanned enough to call it a day!

Extreme consistency, excellent composure, amazing judgement of the wind and the distance, was how I would summarize this game! 9 holes later, although I didn’t manage to get anywhere near the par, I did enjoy it to the extent that I was sure I would get back to it, the very next chance I got! So here’s a shot for the amazing weekend.

Fully armed

And here I am, back home with “The Interpretation of Murder” by Jed Rubenfeld, waiting for the new week to begin.


~ by Niranjan Nandakumar on May 25, 2009.

3 Responses to “Golf…”

  1. Whoa ! Golf is the new entry on my list of favorite sports 😀 All credits to all that wonderful spread of green in Augusta..been watching it for a coupla years now and I’m a fan and besides golf isn’t an old man’s sport anymore ;)(Read Camilo Villegas)
    May you have all the luck with the eagles and birdies 🙂

  2. Dad’s a huge golfer. Without fail every Sunday. Although I must admit. I don’t really think much about it. Maybe that is because I don’t know anything about it. Dad’s forever asking me to be caddy though 🙂 I wikied that book you are reading. Sounds very intriguing, but just a wee bit scary 🙂 And can you even imagine golf in Chennai :-/ The heat!!!

  3. @Xeres.. I would rather say Michelle Wie 😀

    @Vaishnavi .. It sure is intriguing being from a professor of law, who is a Shakespearean fan, writing about a psychoanalyst and his ways! 🙂

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