Final Theory by Mark Alpert

For a hollywood that thrived on the success of Michael Crichtons, Stephen Kings, Dan Browns and Robert Ludlums, Final Theory would indeed be a delightful catch. This book has every characteristic of a new hollywood blockbuster. But sadly I have started to hate authors, who geared their writings with a movie contract in mind. For this same reason, I stopped reading Stephen King’s works – an author whom I had grown to like through his “The Eyes of the Dragon”! Such books, although fast paced and enthralling, do not leave enough mark to make you read it again. The story line completely overshadows the narrative beauty or the deep characterizations, that books were once known for.

Having said that, I must admit, it is indeed an amazing talent to create a story line as gripping as it has been in this book. I did manage to finish the book in one sitting, which has been rather tough off late, given the heavy work schedules. Making sure that every aspect of the story makes sense even as you tread towards the grand finale is an art in itself. And with the elements of science, it makes for an even bigger thriller. But I would term Mark Alpert as a scriptwriter instead of an author!

It was indeed a long break from the blog, and lots more to write than just this. But I guess I had to pen this down as soon as I finished reading this book. Next up, The Gift of Rain, by Tan Twan Eng.


~ by Niranjan Nandakumar on September 28, 2009.

4 Responses to “Final Theory by Mark Alpert”

  1. I also did not like the book.It sort of made Einstein a God.

  2. indeed a very very long break

  3. Movie tie-in novels are the worst. They ride on the success of blockbusters and come up with these “expanding the (fill in the series name) universe” novels. There’s a whole bunch of Star Wars and Star Trek series novels out there. The only possible exception (humble opinion) was Arthur C Clarke’s Space Odyssey series. He wrote it for the screen, and boy, was that a brilliant book! But then again, with the second book (2010: Odyssey Two) he did something no self-respecting author would do, even with a movie tie-in. He changed a crucial plot element to maintain consistency with the movie!!

    First novel – Destination planet Saturn
    Movie – Destination planet Jupiter (apparently, the special effects team couldn’t pull off Saturn’s ring)
    Second novel – Destination planet Jupiter

    I promptly closed the book.

    Yes, Stephen King writes for movies. There’s a new guy who does the same. But his books are enjoyable. Neil Gaiman. Try American Gods.

  4. I get to know about a lot of books from here, final theory seems a good read. Does it too much of techie in it though? I recently read this one, The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein. It tends to be a little melodramatic at times, but over all an absolutely beautiful beautiful read. I highly recommend it. On another note, hi 🙂 long time no see, I deleted my wordpress blog by mistake :-(…had to create a new one….visit the link 🙂

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