Rain, steak and the world cup

Yet another rainy weekend, not quite the way I planned it. WIth laziness ably aided by the World Cup (football/soccer), I decided to stay indoors. The much awaited match between the football-nation USA and the soccer-nation England (although I’m yet to agree with the usage of the terms soccer and football) ended in a rather atypical draw, esp. due to a lackluster display of attack by the English team pulled down to the ground by the weight of expectations! With my team – The Azzurri – yet to enter the arena, I might just have to stop working for the latter half of tomorrow, and stare at the big screens cleverly placed with its back towards me, at the office. Amidst all this, when I finally decided to step out this weekend, down came the Philadelphia rains, pouring down on me and I had to be content with a glass of margarita and an 8oz steak!

So here is to an earlier weekend, when the rains were a little more forgiving as I decided to take a stroll down the Valley Forge National Park – where the great battles were fought in the late 17th century. As I walked through the battle fields, I chanced upon a roadside cannon, perhaps reminiscent of the blood shed that took place on the grounds where it stood.

Waiting for the enemy


~ by Niranjan Nandakumar on June 13, 2010.

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