"Evolution" of English Language

From the “thy”s and the “thou”s, English has come a long way to what it is now, or should I say what it was a couple of years back. All I see now are these….

“u vl hav nyc tym”
“me hav no probs”
“tis nt wrong”

“Social” sites and even blogs, these days, are teeming with this phenomenally shorthanded style of writing. Having been a person who strongly desisted this negative evolution of English language, even in its primitive stages when the changes were limited to just “u” and “v”, I have seen a dramatic deterioration in the words and spellings and even grammar over the past two years, perhaps due to the growing popularity of the Internet in its new form known as a Social Network. Although I never really had a chance to actually sit with a genius of this modern day English scripture and understand what exactly caused this change or how exactly this would help, my assumption is that it may take them less time to type “u vl hav nyc tym” than “you will have a nice time”. And funny enough, it took me less time to type the latter than the former!

Perhaps an overdose of social networking over the past few weeks must have been what triggered this post. Now twitter would have been one of those places I would have definitely seen this “short hand” being deployed at its best, with its 140 character restriction on each tweet. But quite ironically, that is a place I see it the least. Facebook is the biggest defaulter and the virus has started to spread to mails too, sometimes even professional emails at office.

I hope 100-200 years down the line, some student of literature picks up this blog entry as a reference for the transitionary study from “thee” to “you” to “u” 🙂

Disclaimer: The intent was kick start this place again, after having defaulted for rather long, filling this space with just random pictures from the past. So forgive me if there was a flavor of sarcasm in here.


~ by Niranjan Nandakumar on August 30, 2010.

2 Responses to “"Evolution" of English Language”

  1. About time. hello 🙂

  2. Hello there too:-) About time indeed!

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