Fire and Water … Wind and Rain!

Life just swept by, the past two months. Well, let me rephrase that. Every week seemed as though it went on forever. But at the end of it all, looking back at the last two months, I just remember the start and end of it! Time and its antics have never ceased to amaze me for this same reason. And while this hiatus was unintentional, I must say I thought about making it here, everyday when I left the office. But by the time I got back home, I was too tired (read lazy) to type even a word on my laptop.

Work dominated a vast majority of those 60 days, but I did manage to squeeze in a slew of travels during weekends. It started with the Vegas trip, which just seemed like yesterday albeit three months back – a 3 day journey to the other side of the country, to the land of the hopelessly rich and the “hoping to be rich”. The arrival of a car back in September, meant that I now had the freedom to hop on to it and make plans while I drive. There were more trips, New York and Boston being the two obvious destinations, simply due to my love for those two cities. There was also a rather adventurous camping trip at Ricketts Glen State Park, PA, on one of those weekends, where one night was spent amidst the rains and storms and extreme cold, when we were subjected to dangers of our tents flying away and the next day being one of the most wonderful days to camp, with a perfect autumn weather. With a nicely “planned and executed” fire and a few mountain pies cooked over it, we spent the day relaxing by the lake side.

Now for an offbeat, the other day at Target, while shopping for some of those essentials in life, I decided to glance through the gift cards at the counter, mainly since the holiday seasons were just commencing. That’s when I got one of the biggest shocks of the decade. Hanging amongst the dozens of gift cards was an all blue Facebook card! Someone actually thought of making a gift card with Facebook credits? Apart from the fact that I always thought people never tried “buying” Facebook credits, I also had a misconception that people never used those credits. This was truly an eye opener!

With that said, here is one of the golden oldies from my stash. The new year will soon be here and it will be the time to look back at the year that went by.

Mirror Effect


~ by Niranjan Nandakumar on November 26, 2010.

3 Responses to “Fire and Water … Wind and Rain!”

  1. thanks for dropping by man…

  2. Ayyo ithu pazhaya blogile padamalle ? 🙂
    May the coming year quench your wanderlust!

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