A new year – 1/1/11

Wise men from the mountains say, 10 days later it will be 1/11/11 and 10 months later, 11/11/11. And this time for a change, I did make a few resolutions. Let’s see how long they last. A week is perhaps a fair estimation.

The year also started off on a bright note, when two of my close friends invited me to join their book reading competition, the winner being the person who has read the maximum number of pages in a year. Having been absolutely terrible with my reading last year, I was looking forward to something such as this to kick start my reading this year. The book that started my year – “What’s yours is mine” by Rachel Botsman.

Talking of books, one of the more recent books that I finished reading reminded me of the Malgudi days by RK Narayan. The book was called The Imperfectionists by Tom Rachman – a collection of short stories about people involved in an english newspaper in Rome. Now I must admit, the book did lack the simplistic charm that Malgudi Days offered and the characters in every story lacked the depth that Mali or Muni or Swaminathan portrayed in Malgudi Days. But Imperfectionists did provide a welcome break amidst the bad streak of books which I’ve been falling prey to.

So with a promise to blog more and hopes for several things that I intent to accomplish this year, I toasted to a glass of wine this new year’s eve, watching the fireworks on the horizon, above the Philadelphia skyline.


~ by Niranjan Nandakumar on January 2, 2011.

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