Monsoon Platter

I spent twenty two years of my life in a narrow strip of land on the southern most tip of India, where the mountains meet the beaches, forests meet the back waters; where the elephants share the roads with the BMWs and public transportation drives like a Ferrari on a race course; where beef fry is perhaps a staple part of the diet and fish curry forms a household lunchtime dish; where a mosque, a church and a hindu temple can be neighbors and no political party lasts beyond a term. God’s own country, as it is lovingly known, Kerala has always had a very special place in my heart.

Amidst all it’s uniqueness that makes it stand out amongst the rest of the states in India, what I miss the most are –

the smell of the earth during the first rain – perhaps a sigh of relief as she quenches her thirst with the first drop.

Monsoon platter - Part 2

and the lush greenery, which gets a shining coat of polish by the illustriously pouring rain – a green that is amazingly bright in parts where pollution has failed to leave a mark, aptly reinstating why this land is truly called the God’s own country.


No post on Kerala can end without the mention of coconut. It has it’s own place on the top of the pyramid in the hierarchy of substances found in a typical Kerala kitchen – from cooking oil to grated coconut or from the hard shell used for steaming to even the outer most layer used as a fuel for fire. It serves as tender coconut water, which the Kerala Coconut Board proudly advertises as the secret of athlete P T Usha’s energy and as an aged version which intoxicates a vast majority of the male population as dusk comes around.

Coconut - a lifeline in Kerala


~ by Niranjan Nandakumar on July 13, 2011.

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