To a weekend that I wished I spent more time outside than working at my desk. I guess the 3 weeks out of office did come with consequences; add on the hangover of those lovely three weeks.


~ by Niranjan Nandakumar on July 31, 2011.

11 Responses to “Harbored”

  1. The effect of the waves – gorgeous! Love this!

  2. Bonjour, monsieur πŸ™‚ Just discovered this place, snaps are all over the place ! Keep ’em coming. Allez !

  3. This is a greta picture. I think every color of the rainbow can be found in it. The ducks in a row… just like those boats.

    I just dropped by because something you said on shivyas blog intrigued me. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks for stopping by! Now whats that something which intrigued you :-)?

      • O, you said you were contemplating giving up meat. I too have been, but its more like a half-formed thought that Im not sure I’m gonna go with. I do love meat. So I was curious about you for that reason.
        p.s greta picture should have been great picture. I mis-typed.

      • Aah! I’m still contemplating. But I always give into a nice piece of steak. So I guess I might just give up on those thoughts of being a vegetarian.

  4. heheh, extra rare.. yum. keep in touch, you. πŸ™‚

  5. Your photographs never cease to impress me. Just lovely πŸ™‚

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