And along came Irene….

A message had arrived from the seas that she was on her way. They said her fury was unprecedented and could wipe out everything that stood in her way. Rivers, seas and even high rises dreaded her onslaught. “Warriors” of the globe, as we called ourselves could do nothing against this nature’s resentment but flee from her path. Preparations were elaborate to welcome her home. Grocery stores were empty. Flashlights and generators were having a field day. I was prepared too. Flashlights, water, candles, canned food, I filled my kitchen with everything I could find on the aisles.

Prepared to face Irene

Spreading her wings around 800 miles she lashed against the coastal areas of the Atlantic, flooding and consuming all that she could find, as she made her way up. A tornado warning was how she announced her imminent arrival here. Philadelphia, which was brushed aside as one of her not-so-preferred stop points before her rendezvous with the Lady Liberty, waited patiently late into the night for those gusty winds, blinding rains, and hours in darkness. As I laid down on my bed unsure of what awaited me in the morning, I left the flash light and my phone right by me. And for the first time, I decided to turn off even the night lamp next to me…..

I must admit I was one of those lucky ones, for when I woke up the next day morning, the winds had died and the rains were long gone. I still had electricity, Internet and my roof still stood firm above my head. I looked outside. The ground was a mess, with an unclean coating of fresh leaves and twigs. Sluggish as a Sunday normally should be, I decided to take a stroll down my road to witness the aftermath as they called it. Several roads were closed. Trees and telephone cables were brought to the ground.

The landfall

The rivers went overboard, flooding into the boathouses and parks.

Along came the flooding

The workmen had already started their part as the city prepared for yet another manic Monday.

Clearing the mess she created

They said her fury had died down as she raced through the south destroying homes and beaches. And when she got closer to us and to her final few stops up in Manhattan and New England, she seemed to have lost interest. Unfortunate are those who witnessed her rage, for she spared no one….

Its amazing how every advancement that humans claim to have made look minuscule against the forces of nature. At the end of it all, we are as helpless as the lesser of those who trod this earth.


~ by Niranjan Nandakumar on August 28, 2011.

3 Responses to “And along came Irene….”

  1. I could feel the wrath of Irene by your description. Nice photos.

  2. There pictures are so sad and powerful…

  3. I quote a fellow tennis fan who also happens to be a New Yorker

    ” I and mine were safe at the end of the day — as I think I put on the boards, I left the city Friday evening and went upstate to be with family. We were safe, but thank goodness I didn’t go any further upstate, because NYS exit 25 on the Thruway was closed b/c of mudslides, and trying to get back down to the city, I was delayed because exit 17 had terrible traffic b/c parts of Newburgh were under water”

    It made no sense to me but oh well nothing happened to her !

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