Drops for bloom and gloom

That was the title of a poem I had written as a child. I was lying down on my bed, beside the three windows that opened out to the tree-filled backyard of my house. Green as green can be, I remember sitting by that window often, looking out for hours together, completely oblivious of the world around me. As the birds chirped and the rains pattered on the panes, I took out a roll of paper that fed the dotmatrix printers of those times, to pen down the first draft of my poem.

Today morning, as I woke up to the same faint patter, I opened the shutters of my window by the bed side, that faced the backyard, a backyard filled with cars of all brands. Trees were few, yet were green.

Deja vu! Was that the right word? I knew not. But today as I sat by the window, watching the rain outside, I tried hard to remember those lines I wrote 14 years back. I guess as years pass by, the memories tend to lose out on its finest of details. Back then I captured the moment through a poem and today I did so through the lens…..



~ by Niranjan Nandakumar on May 3, 2009.

One Response to “Drops for bloom and gloom”

  1. Nice.. 🙂

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